Plenary Lectures from VPH2014 in Trondheim

Video recordings of all four plenary lectures from the highly successful Trondheim conference have now been full edited and are available for viewing.
VPH2014 Plenary Lectures

The videos of the four VPH2014 plenary lectures form a fascinating set together.

Watch them here

In sequence they are:

  1. Is the digital patient possible: What are the roadblocks and how do we negotiate them? Denis Noble, University of Oxford
  2. Untangling the complexity of ageing. Tom Kirkwood, Newcastle University
  3. Reproducible modeling: Standards, databases and software tools. Peter Hunter, University of Auckland
  4. Multi-scale Integration of Cardiac Excitation: From Molecular Structure to the Human Heart. Yoram Rudy, Washington University in St. Louis

The first sets the scene by showing that the biggest roadblocks are conceptual, requiring new thinking about the fundamentals of biological science.

The second neatly picks up two of those fundamentals, the role of stochasticity and the complexity of the relations between genes and phenotypes, to illustrate Tom Kirkwood’s pioneering work on the biology of aging and how it might be modelled.

The third continues the theme of fundamentals by calling for standards in reproducibility. Peter Hunter reveals yet again how far ahead he is in anticipating and solving the roadblocks that arise from lack of reproducibility.

Finally, Yoram Rudy presents a phenomenal example of multi-level research in linking the detailed molecular biology to whole organ behaviour.

If you want a taste of the quality of the VPH Conferences, these recordings will give you that, and will whet your appetite for the Amsterdam Conference later this year.

Denis Noble

Prof Denis Noble

President of IUPS, Ex-President of VPHI


VPH2014 Plenary Lectures

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