Meet the VPHi Young Scientists Committee: Samuele Gould

During his PhD on in silico biomechanics, Samuele worked on creating spine models that could allow surgeons to perform virtual spine surgeries to provide personalised treatments for their patients.

The VPHi Young Scientists Committee is a group of active VPHi student members promoting career development, highlighting excellence and favouring interactions, collaborations, mentoring and mobility. This series of interviews will reveal their research, prospective applications, dreams, and future projects.

In this second interview, Samuele Gould, who obtained a PhD at the University of Bologna, explains his PhD projects on in silico modelling of the spine.

He shared with us the peculiarities of modelling the spine and how such models could allow surgeons to perform virtual surgeries providing personalised treatment for severe scoliosis.

Here's a list of publications by Samuele Gould:

Date: 21/12/2023 | Tag: | News: 1535 of 1589
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