Internship opportunity in Biostats​ at Novadiscovery

Are you a student looking for an internship, curious about sciences, eager to learn and use statistics in medical science/biology? Check out this post!

You are open-minded, and ready to work with a team of innovation enthusiasts in various fields of expertise. At Novadiscovery, you will be in charge of developing statistical models in the context of a world-premiere transposability study by applying the E​ffect Model approach.​

The work consists in estimating Effects Models and risk models: fitting different models (multivariate survival models, logistic models, generalized linear models, etc.) to clinical trials data (efficacy and survival), identifying and introducing relevant covariates, testing and comparing models and selecting the most appropriate ones.


  • Educational background: statistics/biostatistics 
  • Studies: minimum Master of sciences Msc 2, possibly PhD student (in academia) willing to do a stint in a private company
  • Some knowledge in biology and medicine would be a definite plus (understanding of RCT; methodology would be even better)
  • Proficient in R (SAS would be a plus)


Expertise in statistics (must-haves in bold)
  • Statistics applied to human health/biology
  • Univariate and multivariate statistical analyses (descriptive analyzes, statistical tests (parametric and nonparametric))
  • Multivariate statistical modeling (variable selection, introduction of variables, modelvalidation, sensitivity analyzes, ...)
  • Multivariate survival models (Cox models, parametric models), survival analysis
  • Generalized linear models, logistic regressions


  • Contributes positively to the team even in stressful times
  • Demonstrates common sense in unconventional situations
  • Prioritizes tasks efficiently in the face of tight timelines
  • Willing to learn a lot fast and gain increasing autonomy
  • Results-driven
  • Technophile/curious and outgoing

The internship may result in a full-time job offer.


Novadiscovery is a French start-up based in Lyon, specialized in in-silico biomedical simulation.

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