Horizon 2020 would need €62.4 billion more to fund all research rated as top quality

According to the interim evaluation conducted by officials in the Commission’s research directorate, published on the first of June 2017, Horizon 2020 would need €62.4 billion extra to fund all research proposals it has evaluated as high quality.

The evaluation highlights how the high demand for Horizon 2020 grants has led to a very low success rate of 11.6% on average, compared to a success rate of 18.5% in FP7. More than 30.000 proposals are now being submitted to Horizon 2020 per year, in comparison to 20.000 proposals per year in FP7. Universities are the most successful applicants, having applied on average 28 times since 2014. Country-wise, the biggest winners are in the UK, Germany and France.


On 29 May 2017, an interim evaluation was published of Horizon 2020. The interim evaluation aims to contribute to improving the implementation of Horizon 2020 in its last Work Programme 2018-2020, to provide the evidence-base for the report of the High-Level Group on maximizing the impact of EU Research and Innovation programmes and to inform the design of future Framework Programmes.

Further information can be found  here.

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