France national e-health strategy 2020

On 4 July 2016, Marisol Touraine, France’s Minister of Social Affairs and Health, presented the national e-health strategy 2020.

The national e-health strategy 2020 recently presented focuses on four main priorities:

  • Develop medicine connected through a "big data" plan. This is the outcome of a reflection launched last September. This plan will allow for example the development of new remote monitoring applications or interpretation of medical data to assist doctors in their diagnosis
  • Foster co-innovation between health professionals, citizens and economic players with the launch of calls for projects dedicated to e-health or development of living labs in order to imagine, in direct connection with users, the medicine of tomorrow (telemedicine tools, treatment tracking applications, ect.)
  • Administrative simplification for patients (admission, making appointments online, etc.) and equip health democracy with a digital platform to facilitate consultation and participation of users
  • Strengthening the security of health information systems through a dedicated action plan

The Minister will set up in autumn a strategic board to drive the e-Health Strategy 2020. It will bring together representatives of industry professionals, users, industry and public institutions that contribute to its implementation.

The measures presented complete the measures taken by the minister since 2012, such as digital hospital program, the plane "Digital Patient Territories", the revival of shared medical records and telemedicine experiments.

Marisol Touraine also announced in May, an investment plan of € 2 billion of which one part is about the digital and information systems in the territories.

Download the national e-health strategy 2020 (in French)

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