Code & Cure: Understanding In Silico Medicine

Code & Cure is a series of divulgation videos to spread the knowledge of in silico medicine towards a larger public with accessible animated videos spanning from models to real-world applications.

What is the next big thing in healthcare? In silico medicine!

However, citizens are only sometimes aware of the current and future applications of in silico medicine or even what is in silico medicine. For this reason, the Virtual Physiological Human Institute is producing an animated series made of 10 accessible videos to spread awareness about the upcoming revolution in healthcare. The series is called "Code & Cure: Understanding in silico medicine", and today marks the first video's release about what is in silico medicine and what it can do for us.

During the production of the series, the VPHi made a dedicated collaboration with the Italian Academy of the Expert Patient, EUPATI Italy. Thanks to this collaboration, an expert patient is involved in the making of all the videos to provide comments and suggestions to make sure all the videos will be relevant and influential towards our public.

Each month, a new video will be released focusing on the different types of models, AI, data, privacy, current and future applications of in silico medicine.


This initiative was supported by the European Commission through the H2020 projects:

  • ISW "In Silico World: Lowering barriers to ubiquitous adoption of In Silico Trials” (topic SC1-DTH-06-2020, grant ID 101016503),
  • SimCardioTest “Simulation of Cardiac Devices & Drugs for in-silico Testing and Certification” (topic SC1-DTH-06-2020, grant ID 101016496),
  • SimCor "In Silico testing and validation of Cardiovascular Implantable devices" (topic SC1-DTH-06-2020, grant ID 101017578).

Date: 09/02/2024 | Tag: | News: 1546 of 1573
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