Avicenna Strategy to be Scrutinised in Brussels

Event 4 to determine how to increase the use of simulation in the development of biomedical products.

The Avicenna strategy will be the focus of the project’s fourth event, which takes place on 19th and 20th February in Brussels, Belgium.

The invited delegates will determine how the Avicenna Community of Practice can increase the use of computer modelling and simulation in the development and assessment of biomedical products, to improve their quality and reduce their cost, risk and time to market.

The two day event will focus on deconstructing the Avicenna Strategy into its component parts and analysing how each can be improved. The delegates will review the second version of the Roadmap and take responsibility for authoring and editing the various sections.

The first day will take the form of a hands-on Roadmap writing workshop, based around the current position paper, which was the outcome of Event 3. A limited number of experts will assess, discuss and refine the current state of the Roadmap. This will be followed in the evening by an optional social dinner.

The second day, which will take place at the European Economic and Social Committee offices, will be a larger public meeting with the aim of further discussing and implementing the outcomes of Day 1.

For further information and to read the current position paper based on a draft of the Avicenna Roadmap please see: http://avicenna-isct.org/event_4.html

If you are interested in attending Event 4, please email: events@avicenna-isct.org



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