Avicenna: second project event with Industrial Researchers - June 6th, Rome

The Avicenna project is organising an important meeting in Rome next month on the future of clinical trials.

The EC funded project, Avicenna, is supporting the move to introduce complex computer simulations into the clinical trials process, and the project team has been given the task of preparing a ‘Roadmap’ identifying the steps to take. 

The meeting in Rome is the second Expert’s Meeting in a planned series of five of the Avicenna project. It will take place in Rome, on Friday 6th June 2014. This event will begin to add detail to the design of the process that will ultimately be recommended to the Commission as a pathway to the successful modernisation of the clinical trials process, making it leaner, quicker, more efficient and less expensive.

This event will include the participation of approximately 35 industrial research experts with experience of - or an interest in – the conceptual and design stages of clinical trials. We are hoping to create a full grid of clinical trial concepts vs outputs, and also to identify any areas of expertise in which we are missing advisors. In addition to achieving the alignment of participants’ views, our goals for the event include:

  • Identifying any conceptual “holes” through a recapitulation/discussion/ratification session of the outline roadmap that has already resulted from our initial academically-driven meeting,
  • Identifying candidate working collaborations to take emerging ideas forward (including exploring legal issues that might affect the creation of a formal alliance)
  • Understanding the research/commercial relationships within industrial organisations
  • Debating communications strategies to ensure dissemination of the concepts and begin to raise public awareness and confidence
  • Prioritising the topics to be taken forward to the next Avicenna Event 

The participation will be reserved to industry and regulatory representatives. If you are interested to attend, send me an email to: events@avicenna-isct.org

For further information please go to: http://avicenna-isct.org/.



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