2023 Stakeholders' Targeted Consultation on EU4Health priorities, strategic orientations and needs is now open

The European Commission launched a 6-week targeted consultation on the priorities, strategic orientations and needs for the 2023 EU4Health programme. Contribution deadline: 27 June 2022

This targeted consultation aims to gather stakeholders’ opinions about current and future EU health priorities, strategic orientations and key health needs to be addressed through EU4Health annual work programmes, as well as providing inputs for reflection on the 2023 EU4Health Work Programme and beyond.

Considering the wide scope offered in the consultation, our members are encouraged to express their views on the crucial needs to be tackled in the next EU4Health Work Programme.

Key highlights

  • Within the annual Work Programme, the actions are divided into “strands of actions”, which are structured as follows:
    • Strand of action 01: Crisis preparedness
    • Strand of action 02: Health promotion & Disease prevention
    • Strand of action 03: Health systems & healthcare workforce
    • Strand of action 04: Digital Health
    • Strand of action (transversal) 05: Cancer
  • Based on funding streams outlined above, the consultation includes various types of questions which asks respondents to score the importance and rank the annual Work Programme’s inclusion of areas such as crisis preparedness, disease prevention, health systems and healthcare workforce, and digitalisation.
  • Alongside the multiple questions, respondents can specify the area of intervention that should need reinforcement under the EU4Health programme, by including a short text of 100 characters. Furthermore, for each of the objectives outlined in the consultation, stakeholders are invited to provide a brief written input (maximum 100 characters) of which other action they might consider of highest importance for the achievement of the specific objective.

The link to the Survey can be found here

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