• What is DISCIPULUS?

    The DISCIPULUS project aims to produce a research roadmap for the realisation of the Digital Patient, an initiative to provide an integrative, sustainable approach to using patient information and computational models in the clinic.
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  • Horizon 2020: the first EC document is out!

    On November 30th the European Commission published the proposal package for the for next EU Framework: Horizon 2020.
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  • Call 9 is open: may the best proposals win!!

    On January 18th 2012 the European Commission published a new call for VPH-type research: FP7 ICT Call 9. The success of current VPH projects has enabled DG-INFSO to secure a budget of €58m for further research.
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  • The 4th Global COE Symposium

    Here you can find the report on The 4th Global COE International Symposium on Physiome and Systems Biology for Integrated Life Sciences and Predictive Medicine, made by the Executive Director of the VPH Institute, Prof Marco Viceconti.
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  • Digital Agenda: New "virtual liver" technology helps detect liver tumours

    Scientists and surgeons from France, Germany, United Kingdom and Switzerland have developed a "virtual liver", using EU research funding, which will help surgeons better plan and carry out tumour operations and ensure quicker patient recovery.
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  • The first General Assembly of the VPH Institute goes big!

    The VPH Institute General Assembly took place on September 28th 2011 by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. The meeting was productive and well attended: a great kick off of the VPH Institute activities!
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