VPHi Webinar: Model-guided skeletal tissue engineering - from bench to bedside via in silico modeling

When: 21/12/2016 - 21/12/2016
Where: Webinar
Model-guided skeletal tissue engineering - from bench to bedside via in silico modeling

During her talk, Prof. Geris will use the example of skeletal tissue engineering to demonstrate how computer modeling and simulation can contribute to all aspects of the Tissue Engineering (TE) product development cycle: cells, carriers, culture (in bioreactors) and (translation to) clinical models.  Depending on the specific biological/technical questions that are addressed by the model, the optimal model system can vary from single scale (regulatory networks) to multiscale (bone regeneration in vivo).  Furthermore, depending on the available information, model systems can be purely data-driven or more hypothesis-driven in nature. The talk makes the case for in silico models to be considered as an integral part of the TE toolkit, alongside in vivo and in vitro models.

The webinar is free and open to anyone but registration is mandatory. If you plan to attend please register as soon as possible. Spaces are limited!

Registration link:https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/6866284468390364673

The VPHi keynote webinar series is a quarterly event organized by the VPHi Student Committee that provides a forum for access to senior community members and their expert competence for chiefly young scientists, but also to the VPH community as a whole. 

With the series, VPHi wishes to:

  • Offer added value to prospective young scientist VPHi Student members through core content
  • Create visibility of VPH knowledge dissemination for external stakeholders
  • Highlight excellence within the VPHi, additionally providing student members with a label of quality
  • Promote scientific interaction between junior and senior community members and across VPHi disciplines

Liesbet Geris is professor in Biomechanics and Computational Tissue Engineering at the universities of Liรจge and Leuven (Belgium).  Her research interests encompass the mathematical multi-scale modeling of bone regeneration in tissue engineering applications.  She works in close collaboration with experimental and clinical researchers. She is the editor of 2 Springer-Verlag books on computational modeling in tissue engineering and biology. She has received a number of scientific and young investigator awards including an ERC starting grant in 2011.  She is co-chair of the Young Academy of Belgium (Flanders) and incoming Executive Director of the VPH Institute. 

More information on http://www.biomech.ulg.ac.be


Model-guided skeletal tissue engineering - from bench to bedside via in silico modeling

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