Supercomputer-based in-silico clinical trials in cardiac therapies towards exascale computing

When: 27/05/2022 - 27/05/2022
Where: Webinar
1.CBM visual Mariano

This is the first webinar of the new CompBioMed webinar series dedicated to "Exascale for biomedical SMEs". The series is organised by the CompBioMed Centre of Excellence with the endorsement of the VPH Institute and Avicenna Alliance.

The webinar will take place on 27 May 2022 at 2pm CEST and will focus on "Supercomputer-based in-silico clinical trials in cardiac therapies towards exascale computing" featuring dr Mariano Vazquez (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre).


Biological systems are one of the most challenging modelling and simulation arenas. Let us pick one, which is particularly difficult: Cardiac modelling. Complex multi-scale and multi-physics, very large input datasets, a massive amount of output data to post-process and analyse, difficult validation against scarce high-definition experimental and clinical data, comorbidities and patient variabilityā€¦ all these features are present together when you try to re-create a beating heart in a computer. Since 2005, our team has been developing Alya, a tool to tackle these problems, helping doctors to understand a diseased heart and optimize therapies to heal it. Supercomputers, and a simulation code capable of making the most of them, are our weapons.


Dr Mariano Vazquez (Barcelona Supercomputing Centre) is Chief Technical and Scientific Officer at ELEM Biotech, a start-up company spun off from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. Mariano holds a PhD in computational physics from the Technical University of Barcelona, Spain. He co-leads the Alya Dev Team, a 50 strong research group who develop their main modelling tool. His research interests are in cardiac computational modelling, computational mechanics and high-performance computing.

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1.CBM visual Mariano

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