International School on In Silico Trials

When: 07/09/2020 - 09/09/2020
Where: Bologna - Italy
international school on in silico trials

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 International School on In Silico Trials has been transformed into a remote learning school. Due to this, the fees have been substantially reduced. Please see details below. We will keep you posted on further developments. 

In the past few years it became possible, in some cases, to provide evidences of safety and efficacy for new medical products using modeling and simulation (in silico methods). This could be a game changer, but it is also a disruptive innovation that may require some changes in the business model of the company. 

The International School on In Silico Trials will offer a systematic, nontechnical review of the strengths and weaknesses of in silico trials technologies. The participants will be guided in the development of a better and deeper understanding of the threats and opportunities that this unprecedented technology presents, with the goal to enable more informed decisionmaking on the adoption of such innovations. 

The school is organized as a SWOT analysis. After an introduction from the Chair of the International School, Prof Viceconti, five experts will evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the four most popular classes of modeling methods, including the use of high-performance computing. Then, six specialists will provide an overview of the opportunities that in silico trials technologies offer in some of the most important classes of diseases. Lastly, the threats posed by the complex regulatory landscape will be analyzed and balanced in a vision of the possible futures for the biomedical industry in the age of in silico trials. 

When: 7, 8, 9 September 2020

Where: University of Bologna, Italy. 

Who: Decision-makers who have a business, medical, biological or pharmacological background. 

Fee Scheme:

Maximum 25 participants 



Full information on the School can be found here


international school on in silico trials

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