Digital Skills on Computational Biology for Health Professionals

When: 03/02/2020 - 10/05/2020
Where: Web based

Expand your competences in the field of bioinformatics and benefit from a virtual learning community consisting of physicians, bioinformaticians, scientists, lecturers and political decision makers.

The BioS course provides basic knowledge about methods and tools of bioinformatics as well as computer-aided statistics with a focus on the interpretation of biomedical data. By participating in the BioS course, you and your staff will learn how to use genetic information services for your daily work with patients.

The course has a modular structure:

  • Module 1: Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • Module 2: Computer-based statistics for physicians and health professionals
  • Module 3: Commercial personalised genomic services in patient care
  • Module 4: Quality improvement in health care

Module 1 provides basic knowledge on how molecular data combine with modern biomedicine to understand the background of genomic/personalized medicine.

Module 2 provides a practical introduction to the analysis of biological and biomedical big data to develop a critical understanding of the reliability of analysis results.

In module 3, participants learn to interpret results from commercial personalized genomic services. This module enables the integration of these services into patient care.

The Module 4 teaches participants how to build efficient and dedicated health teams and effective clinical relationships, and how to implement strategies and tools to support patient-centered care.


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