19th International Conference on Systems Biology

When: 28/10/2018 - 01/11/2018
Where: Lyon - France

The 19th International Conference on Systems Biology, ICSB2018 will be held from October 28th to November 1st 2018 at the Lyon Convention Center, FRANCE. The Lyon University has a long-standing tradition in promoting mathematics and informatics for biology, from the biometrics pioneered by Jean-Marie Legay to the first DNA sequence database created by Richard Grantham and Christian Gautier. 

The Lyon community in systems biology, now federated by BioSyL (www.biosyl.org), was naturally established on such a fertile ground. It has further developed with the involvement of both the Inria national computer science institute and the Institute for Complex Systems (IXXI).

Topic Themes

These are the topics that will be included in the conference programme:

  • Methodological developments for Systems Biology
  • Education for Systems Biologists
  • Modelling Networks and Circuits
  • Multi-omics
  • Single-cell Systems Biology
  • Quantitative Systems Physiology
  • Humanities and Social Sciences for Systems Biology: epistemological, social and ethical dimensions of systems biology
  • Developmental Systems Biology
  • Systems Neurosciences
  • Systems Medicine
  • Systems Biology for Synthetic Biology
  • Multiscale Systems Biology
  • Evolutionary and Ecological Systems Biology
  • Systems Biomechanics

The call for abstracts for oral presentation is now closed. Late-breaking submissions are open. You can still submit your abstract for a poster presentation!

Full information can be found here.

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