Virtual Physiological Human on TEDxSheffield


Virtual Physiological Human on TEDxSheffield

On Tuesday Jun 12, 2012, TEDx organized an event in Sheffield to which Prof. Marco Viceconti was invited to give a presentation on what it has been, not only his solely research question for the past 7 year, but also the center of his life: the Virtual Physiological Human.

In his 9 minutes talk Prof Viceconti explains in very simple words “Why computer simulation is our best hope to understand life”, giving an overview of the science development from reductionism to the future of health care: personalized computer simulation.

Marco Viceconti is one of the key figures in the emerging Virtual Physiological Human community. Co-author of the first white paper on VPH, scientific co-ordinator of the seminal VPH research roadmap, "VPH ambassador" for the VPH Network of Excellence, Co-ordinator of one the VPHOP integrated projects, he is also currently chairing the Board of Directors of the VPH Institute. 



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