• Brexit- what is the current status (on research)?

    At this point in time, UK appears to have two main options: either becoming an associated member of the framework programmes (with the possibility to apply but having no say over the programme structure) or losing access to the funding and potentially setting up its own collaborative funding schemes.
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  • What is the VPHi Student Committee?

    Find out more about the VPHi student committee. A new call for participation will be open soon!
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  • Honorary Degree in Engineering for Professor Peter Hunter

    On 18 July 2017 Prof Peter Hunter, a key and leading researcher of the VPH community, received an honorary degree in Engineering from the University of Sheffield
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  • BigData@Heart project: big data for better hearts

    In March 2017 the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) launched a new project on cardiovascular disease to show how big data can drive progress in the CVD treatment and management.
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  • Elections of the Board of Trustees

    The GA is now voting the 3 candidates that were nominated to cover these important role
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  • MultiSim’s collaboration with NC3Rs to reduce animal testing

    Researchers on the MultiSim project are trying to find ways to reduce animal testing in preclinical trials by using computer models and medical imaging.
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