• Discipulus: Views from clinicians and industry

    As part of the consultation meeting, representatives from two of the important stakeholder groups discussed within their groups about what they thought were the most important issues going forward.
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  • The challenges facing the Digital Patient initiative

    Some important challenges to be overcome were brought up during the meeting. These challenges provide food for thought on how best to structure the research roadmap in order to tackle them.
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  • The opportunities for the Digital Patient

    Many participants in the consultation process are excited about the possible opportunities provided by the Digital Patient initiative, based on their own personal experience. Many of these opportunities are quite novel, and indicate the potential of the Digital Patient on the clinical, research and industrial sectors.
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  • First DISCIPULUS consultation meeting a success

    The first consultation meeting of the project took place in Universitat Pompeu Fabra, in Barcelona on the 30th of March. The meeting was convened to try to answer the question: “How can specific clinical scenarios be improved using commercially viable Digital Patient Technologies?”
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  • VPH Institute: Call for supporting members

    Each member of the VPH Institute is welcome to express their interest to become supporting member for the YR 2012/2013. The dead-line expires on April 22nd, 2012.
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  • The case for open computer programs

    This paper, recently published in Nature –vol. 482, Feb 23rd, 2012– by Darrel C. Ince, Leslie Hatton & John Graham-Cumming gives voice to a debate that has interested the scientific community for a while: linking data and models to publications. The authors argue that, with some exceptions, anything less than the release of source programs is intolerable for results that depend on computation.
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